European Village Hanging In

Against the odds, residential and commercial condo owners are fighting to succeed.

Palm Coast, Florida – October 17, 2008 – European Village was developed by Peter Roehr. It was supposed to have a pool. It doesn’t. The three four-story buildings facing inward to a European style courtyard were billed as a resort condo hotel with retail shops and restaurants on the first floor. The fixtures and furniture in the residential units are European in style. Sold at the peak of the real estate boom, it has failed to achieve its original vision.
The plan was that each residential condominium unit would be managed by the resort operator (originally Peter Roehr) as a hotel accommodation. From the room rent, the resort operator would subtract a management fee and expenses, remitting any remaining funds and an itemized statement to the unit owner.
What has emerged instead is the result of a perfect storm, the coming together of a severe downturn in the real estate market and developer that most unit owners would describe as unscrupulous. Some say criminal. The only person with whom I’ve spoken that steadfastly stands up for Peter Roehr is Peter himself. I have found nobody that comes to his defense. Peter’s original partner in European Village, John Koszalkowski, had a dispute resulting in Koszaldowski winning a judgment against Roehr. The two have parted.
Having failed to produce the promised pool for the resort hotel, Peter purchased the adjoining property, formerly known as The Players Club. It offered a clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts. Unfortunately, Peter lost this property to lenders through foreclosure.
When I attempt to sort out what really happened at European Village, I’m reminded of the difficulty I had trying to learn what happened at my house the first time I left a teenage son alone for the weekend. Over 25 years later, details are still emerging.
There has been no shortage of allegations.
  • Some residential unit owners claim that rental income was not always paid, that the resort operator kept the money.
  • Subsequent to failing as a hotel operator, Peter subsequently contracted with three successive companies to manage the hotel. Owners claim that each of them also failed to remit rental income to owners.
  • Integrated Resorts, the second contracted operator, went so far as to rent the foreclosed Plalyers Club to a fitness center operator, collecting the rent while the real owner, the lender through foreclosure, had no idea a tenant was occupying the premises.
  • The third contracted operator (some say it was Integrated Resorts reinvented under a different name) suddenly ceased operations, closing the lobby. But reportedly, they left with a deposit paid by The Golf Channel in excess of $30,000. The Golf Channel had contracted for rooms during the Ginn sur Mer Classic, an event on the PGA Fall Tour that is being hosted by The Conservatory Golf Course.
  • Integrated Resorts failed to pay the phone bill for the commercial condominium owners. The result was that owners had to get new phone numbers, not a good thing for merchants and restaurant operators who have one year commitments to yellow page ads featuring their former number.
  • Residential unit owners claim that phone and cable services were overcharged.
Condominium documents complicate the issue. There are three separate condominium associations;
  • The residential condo association (the hotel rooms and suits)
  • The commercial condo association (the shops and restaurants)
  • The garage condo association (the underground garage spaces, separately purchased). Since Peter never sold out all the garage units, he was not required to turn the garage association over to the other unit owners. But he has reportedly abandoned the association and is not making necessary repairs.
  • The hotel lobby and the central piazza are each recorded as commercial condominium units, owned by Roehr. Normally, property like the piazza would be documented as "common area," owned by the association and maintained through association fees or assessments. Not so here. With Peter absent, the commercial condo owners are voluntarily paying for maintenance of this very visible space.
Is Peter Roehr going to step up to the plate? Not likely. Foreclosure filings have been recorded against his European Village properties as well as his residence. His former partner also has liens against the property. He, as European Village, LLC, was recently fined $4,753 by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation for failure to turn over condominium documents in a timely manner when owners gained control of the association. He was also ordered to provide a turnover audit of the associations’ finances. He reportedly has failed to pay his fine and failed to produce the required audit. The matter has been turned over to the department’s investigation unit.
There have been foreclosures among both commercial and residential units, but, with the exception of Peter’s, probably not in numbers different than the area in general. And the commercial units have seen a turnover and some business failures. But somehow life goes on in European Village.
Palm Coast Vacation Resort, a company headed by a couple of property owners has begun a rental management business. They report that they have about 30 units (60 rooms) under contract. They also report that for the first time, owners are getting checks with detailed statements. The number of units signing onto their rental program is growing.
And the commercial condo owners are joining forces to address piazza maintenance and association funding issues. They are also pooling their resources to provide live entertainment in the piazza.
There are several quality shops and restaurants in European Village. They are up against hard times not of their making. Their dreams have been tested by the actions of unscrupulous people, but their dreams have not died. Give them your support. Shop and dine at European Village. When you do, tell your friends and neighbors about your experience.
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    JOHN G ORTA says:

    e, village


  2. Lou M.
    Lou M. says:

    I met Peter.

    Due paying Players Club members met Peter at a meeting where he announce that the members are his" guests". Starting at that moment everything was going down hill with anything that Peter touched.

    PC City Council gave Peter everything he asked for from the City.

    At that time every development was great for the City.

    The City Council should learn from Adam Smith, father of American capitalism. Adam Smith has been quoted regarding business which includes Peter and others:

    "Laws and business

    The proposal of any new law or regulation which comes from [businessmen], ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention. It comes from an order of men, whose interest is never exactly the same with that of the public, who have generally an interest to deceive and even to oppress the public, and who accordingly have, upon many occasions, both deceived and oppressed it."
    I.xi.p.10 (Conclusion of the Chapter)

    This quote is from Wikiquote

    I consider a PUD as being a new law or regulation. PUD made European Village possible.

  3. Chris Sabo
    Chris Sabo says:

    EVR family fights on

    Toby –

    I can tell you with great certainty that we will get through this and reach the immense potential this location has to offer. These owners have alot of grit and are making positive steps to win.(despite the hand we were dealt). I thank you again for the kind words.

    EVR Business Owner

    Come check out our live entertainment during lunch Wed thru Sun.

  4. George Meegan
    George Meegan says:

    Players Club

    What’s with the paint job on the former Players Club building? I remember when they had a grand piano near the fireplace, and meals were served. Then the buyout turned it into a sales office. It has great potential as a coffee/tea house.

  5. Philip Amico
    Philip Amico says:


    Toby, your article is accurate on the nice side of roehr. He has committed numerous acts of mismanagement, fraud and dishonesty. As the saying goes,"every dog will have his day" and roehr’s cannot get here soon enough.

    Your recommendation of the shops is essential as these are hard working people who were duped by roehr as we the residential owners were. Patronage to the shops and restaurants is essential to the well being of the Village. The on site rental office is the first to have the owners in mind. The last crew, who took the golf Channels deposit was mitzie and his wife disguised as a new tennant while actually being the old integrated.

    A pool is essential however, we need to revitalize the property in order to attract new visitors. We are in process but the road will be long and hard. It never the less will be done.

    Thank you for your forum.

    Philip Amico
    Residential Home Owners Association

  6. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Festivities at ‘The European Village’

    …a Suggestion…the 1969 100,000+ Acre, largest planned community in the Nation – New Town – ITT Levitt ITT ICDC Palm Coast will be approaching its 40th Birthday – Perhaps the European Village can capitalize on that and plan Festivities there for that – perhaps even a Parade. We think this Community needs a Parade so that we can see the High School Bands play. We have pictures of the Band Uniforms that were once used – FANTASTIC! Additionally, there once were many wonderful Activities and Events this Last Century in Palm Coast. Perhaps the European Village can contact the local Organizations and Clubs and bring them back, staggering them on a Yearly Calendar of Events. Also, we think the Portugese Club is holding an Event around Birthday Time – pehaps a Combo Event with a Band and Parade going up Dr. J. Norman Youngs’ Parkway – perhaps TWO Parades, one departing from the European Village and the other departing from the P.A. Club, each one representing a High School – that could be a FIRST! Also, Spring Festivals, Festas, Vegas Nights, Palm Coasts Great American Bicycle Race, Fashion Shows, Palm Coasts Great American Bath Tub Boat Race, etc. Some still occur, but, some have fallen by the wayside.
    A real Biggie would be to bring back the Symposia Palm Coast once had Last Century – obviously palm coast doesn’t have the classy Award winning Sheratons we once had, but it has some Budgets and places to get a Happy Meal, but, perhaps that is where the European Village can capitalize –
    Bring back the Events such as the International and National Symposia for staters:
    Here’s the last Symposia that we attended:
    An International Workshop on Quantum Mechanical Methods started the Symposia on March 6, 7, 8, at the Palm Coast Sheraton Resort Inn. The workshop was followed March 9, 10, 11 by an International Symposium on Quantum Biology and Pharmacology, and honored in absentia two time nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, who is 77. Dr. Pauling won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954 for his molecular studies, especially in the nature of bonding atoms in molecules. He received the Nobel Peach Prize in 1962. Due to an unforseen emergency, Dr. Pauling was unable to attend the Symposium.
    A Nobel Prize winner at the Symposium was Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 85, who received his award in Medicing in 1937 for his studies on metabolism and the effect of Vitamins A anc D.
    Another Nobel Laureate at the Symposia was Professor Manfred Eigen of West Germany, who shared his award in 1967 with two others for studies of extremely fast chemical reactions effected by disturbing equilibrium by very short energy pulsations.
    The final event at the Sheraton was an Internation Symposium on Atomic Molecular, Solid State Theroy, Collision Phenomena and Computational Methods, which was attended by Professor P.W. Anderson, a 1977 Nobel Laureate in Physics.
    Dor Lowdin, who came to the University of Florida in 1960as an exchange professor from the University of Uppsala, Sweden, is Graduate Research Professor of Chemistry and Physics. He organized the Symposia in 1960 at the conclusion of a Winter Institute of Quantum Theory Project. The Quantum Chemistry Group. University of Upsala and the International Society of Quantum Biiology are co-organizers of the meeting. Many organization and businesses assist with financial support for the Symposia.
    The Quantum Theory Project is a joint program of the Chemistry and Physics Departments and the Graduate School of the U:niversity of Florida. It is a special research and graduate teaching project devoted to the study of matter, particularly atoms, molecules and crystals.
    Dr. Lowdin said" "Quantum theory is important as a tool in many fundamentals and applied areas of physics, chemistry and technology. He added that in contrast to the classical mechanics, quantum theory puts the human being at the center of everything.
    Since 1950 Dr. Lowdin has spent about half of the time in the United States and half in his native Sweden. A native of Uppsals, he attended school there and after three years in the Swedish Army, received his doctorate in 1948 in throretical physics. His thesis was a theoretical study of electronic structure of alkali halides and their cohesive and elastic properties.

    Another Symposium Palm Coast once had Last Century was attended by Willaim Buckley, Truman Capote, Gloria Steinem, Ms. Steinem and some of the others that attended are sill alive. Perhaps they can be contact and re-invited back to Palm Coast to resurrect the marvelous things we once had and start the tradition again this Century.

    RE: Palm Coast Spring Festival:
    The first annual Palm Coast Spring Festival bacame a reality when the first event of the action and fun filled week began on Monday, May the 15th. Six brand new tennis courts were officially opened for play, and two bright young tennis professionals, Tom and Tim Gullikson, twin brothers, provided the fans plenty of excetment when they palyed each other in an exhibition match.
    Meanwhile, over at the golf course, a hole in one tournament was taking place. Later in the week the golf course sponsored a criving contest and on Friday there was a scramble tournament with about two hundred golfers taking part.
    Following the Gullikson’s match, a week long tennis tournament began for local tennis buffs.
    The park like setting behind the Welcome Center was turned into an art and fashion center with artists displaying their work, while fishion models showed off the newest in ladies fashions. In between fashion shows various musical groups performed with music ranging from jazz to matrching bands.
    Indoor sports were much in evidence at the Yacht Club (((the Yacht Club we once had on Club House Dr.))) where bridge, backgammon and chess tournaments were taking place throughout the week.
    Outside the Yacht Club, the largest events took place on Sturday. The Italian American Gesta took over part of the ground with numerous booths of Italian food and games. The Yacht Club swimming pool (((we once had a beautiful Swim Club also at the end of Club House Dr.))) was the scene of hundreds of youngsters taking part in a swim meet. At the same time skateboard championships were being conducted on the Yacht Club bridge.
    The first two Events on Saturday were a four mile foot race starting and finishing at the Yacht Club, and the Great Palm Coast Bicycle Race which started at the Yacht Club and the Great Palm Coast Bicycle Race , which started at the Yacht Club bridge and ran for six miles.
    Sagurday afternoon the first Palm Coast Internation Bathtub Boat Race was held with racers coming from as far away as British Columbia. The tub races employ boats which use the mold of a bathtub as a pilot house with some type of stabilization buld around it. ((( we are Stewards of and have picture of the Bath Tub Boat Race and The Great Palm Coast Bicycle Race should you be interested in seeing them for planning))).
    Folowing the races, awards for the week were presented by Alan Smolen, president of ICDC.
    Saturday Night a performance was presented to an audience of approximately 3,0000 by Archie Campbell, start of the Television series, "HEE HAW". Accompanying him was R.W. Blackwood and the Blackwood Rhythm Band.
    Closing our the week with a band was accomplished with a thirty minute firework extravaganza.
    Next year’s festival is alredy in the planning states, and it promised to be a bigger and better event thatn this year’s. Dates for the event will be announded in the next issus.
    ( The Palm Coaster Vol. 7., No. 2 Summer 1978)

    Perhaps another option would be an ON LINE Store like many other Florida Cities have:

    We once had a store/gift shoppe, it was in the once gorgeous glass foyer at The Community Activities Center Building entrance foyer – it would be nice to see that come back too.

    Perhaps offer ‘Palm Coast Pioneer’ tee Shirts at the On Line store; the years that newcomere arrived can be the year of their Palm Coast Pioneer, etc.

    We hope this is helpful for the European Village’s future Events planning, if not and if nothing else, we hope it is informative for those new Palm Coasters, giving them a ‘sense of place’, ‘a sense of history’ for things we once had this Last Century.

    Best of luck:
    George Edward Chuddy

  7. David Brown
    David Brown says:

    Excellent article

    Thank you for your excellent summary of the troubled history we share at EV Resort. We are all determined to make this place what it was supposed to be in it’s original concept. What will be different is that it will be done right.

    Most of us started our association with EV as investors, hoping to be able to turn a profit. Those days are gone – it is now a cause. We are in a fight that we hope will be supported by everyone who has ever been duped by an unscruplous businessman.

    If you have an opportunity to patronize us, we will appreciate it. And we will do our best to be sure you enjoy it. If you are one of our suppliers, work with us to help us rebuild rebuild. You will have our continuing gratitude and loyalty.

    European Village is too important a part of the Palm Coast community to allow one dishonest person to take it away. We appreciate your support and hope that this word gets spread widely.

  8. Lou M.
    Lou M. says:

    What a nice place PC was!

    Thank you Mr. Chuddy for your recollections of the past.

    All of us should know how much uncontrolled development cost us.

    Centex and other developers did very little to enhance our quality of life.

    Please keep it up and share your experiences with us "late arrivals".

  9. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    What a nice place palm coast was ‘B’/

    Lou: Thank you for the nice IM and Post. We are hoping that the ‘Events’ we suggested will be incorporated into the European Village Yearly ‘Calendar of Events’. Some are very low cost ‘attractions/draws’ which should draw a crowd if they are held regularly and consistently.
    We were thinking, the colours of Palm Coast were bright deep blue, bright orange, and pure white. IF European Village plans an ‘Event’ that is Historic Based..perhaps advertise that those Families who wear these Palm Coast Historic Colours will get some sort of discount at the European Village; such as Deep Blue Blue Jeans/denim skirt/shorts, a bright orange Shirt, white shirt /orange tie/belts, orange or white Caps, etc. This way…it commemorates our History and in these hard times allows families to get out..and get a ‘break’ on what European Village offers…i.e. that pizza place…offers families wearing Palm Coasts Colours get a break in price on that Event Night…or that gelatto Place, offer the families having a tough time, but, wearing Palm Coast Colours a ‘break’ in the Gelatos Ice Cream stuff, or ask the High School Bands to ‘play’ what they practice and are learning; so the crowds in attendance can come and see our Students, or have a monthly ‘Birthday Day’ where a family member who has a Birthday that particular Month, and dresses in Palm Coast Historic Colours gets a Discount’, that special person(s) get a tee shirt, white/ Palm Coast Historic Colours, saying ‘Palm Coast Pioneer Birthday 2008, as long as they don’t infringe on the patented colours/logo thing, Hell, why not ask Palm Coasat Realty if they will participate with the tee shirts…it advertises Palm Coast Realty, and everybody wins – its worth a try…etc.
    European Village needs a ‘Hook’…a ‘grabber’…in a regular Planned Calendar of Events – advertise it people/families can ‘pick’ and plan and anticipate a night out reasonably. ..and if the ‘Event’ is the city of palm coast related event, use the blue & white colours – ask them to help in the Spirit of Palm Coast, also, there is a place in Daytone, Aqua Safari , has a Double Decker Longon Bus like Palm Coast once had. See if they are still in business and maybe work something out with them cooperatively…maybe also work out something with the Ag. Museum since neighborhood chat says they are hurting, this way Palm Coasters can ride the ‘Getting to know Us’ Double Decker London Bus like the one we once had…or inquire at the Ag. Museum…go look at an original ‘Jitney’ that was/is there…that was used by ITT ICDC to put prospective buyers on the official ‘Guided Tour’ that once wa$ offered to $ell lot$ and hou$e$. ,etc. . Hell, those Guided Tour Vans never stopped…in and around the First Core Neighborhood or Olde Towne Core Palm Coast, around the Palm Coast Golf Course, etc…and by only 1975 36,000 Homesites were $old! We hope all the ideas we shared help. They drew Crowds before; why not again?
    We wish you the best of luck European Village!
    George Edward Chuddy
    ..and yes..we know WHO was the driver who ripped off the top of Palm Coasts ‘Getting to Know Us’ double decker London Bus…but we are not tellin’ who she is in County Government…oops… (-:

  10. Michael Ritt
    Michael Ritt says:

    EV Future

    As one of the investores here at the EV I certainly feel for and with all my Business Friends. Has been very hard for all of us to deal with people coming into our stores and asking about Peter…Most of us dont know much other than we are paying hard and ugly for his reputation. Thank you to everyone that still here fighting and coming to support us. We do appretiate from our hearts.
    We will continue fighting to keep this place a DREAM come true.
    Thank you for your article sir.

  11. Jason Gambone
    Jason Gambone says:

    European Village

    To Lou M:

    It is unfair to blast the City of Palm Coast for the troubles at EV. The primary troubles have been operational and can be traced to Mr. Roher’s ownership and his poor execution and possibly unscrupulous management of the project. A PUD is a ZONING agreement, which cannot and does not legally dictate the future operational aspects of a privately owned project.

    In fact, I would state that the land planning aspects of the EV project are visionary (to Roher’s credit) and a postive for the community and the neighborhood. Many residents enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment there. The EV is a diamond in the rough; it will be straightened out and become highly successful with improved management.

  12. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    A Misunderstanding

    Lou Mesceri was speaking to us about the loss of the Yacht Club, on Clubhouse Drive, the Swim Club on Clubhouse Drive, The Tennis Club on Clubhouse Drive, The Massive Oak Tree Canopy at the Harborside hacked down while we all looked on in Horror, children and even Adults cried – **, The loss of the Sheraton and its Limo service on Club House Drive, The loss of the Welcome Center 60+ foot ‘Tower’, the loss of the Contemporary Clubhouse at Palm Harbour Golf Course and its amputation, now, and perhaps more amputation in the future and the DEAD situation at Matanzas Golf Course. This is perhaps where the misunderstanding occurred.
    Sadly tho’…with this loss is also the loss of JOBS:
    Loss of JOBS at The Sheraton Harborside
    Loss of JOBS from Palm Harbor Golf Course
    Loss of JOBS from Mantanzas Golf Course
    Loss of JOBS from ‘The Players Club’.
    Any Job LOSS from Grand Haven or anywhere else?
    We truly hope this clears up any misunderstanding; after all..we are all in this together.
    ** for those new to the area, the Sheraton Harborside was specifically designed around this massive Oak Tree Canopy; if the new arrivals want to see what it was like drive by ‘The Players Club’, it too, was designed around the Oak Tree Canopy there, and now, the Finest Tennis and Swim Club in the Nation is deteoriating.*
    "Palm Coast Players Club named best Tennis Facility in the USA, The Palm Coaster, Winter 1988, p. 14.
    George Edward Chuddy

  13. palmcoaster
    palmcoaster says:

    I Love the European Village!!

    The idea was of a visionary that didn’t have a successful plan but basically was an excellent idea. We residents around EV can even go there walking or bicycling if we want, so was/is a green environmental friendly project. We lost to not fault of our own our beloved Palm Harbor Sheraton Resort, but at least we still have European Village then lets give them all our support.
    The current owners of condos and commercial units are the one’s that can turn the EV around…need to watch expenses and attract events.Then customers will increase in spite of the current bad economic times.

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