Epic’s Plans for Palm Coast Movie Theater Unchanged

Rumors of a pullback are simply rumors.

Palm Coast, Florida – September 2, 2008 – The building permit for the Epic Theater in Palm Coast’s Town Center has been ready for a few weeks. This means that all the permitting hurdles have been negotiated. Once Epic pays the application and impact fees, the permit will be issued. The delay in issuing the permit has prompted rumors that Epic Theaters may have changed their mind about coming to Palm Coast. A representative of the company assured me that is not so.
It turns out that the theater business has cycles for new films and commitments to run them. November is an important month in this cycle. Epic is currently expending full efforts to get two other properties opened by this November. Since the Epic in Town Center could not be ready by this November, it is sitting temporarily on the back burner. The company told me that it takes about 10 months to build their projects. Counting back from next November, the local construction should begin by January first.
Since all the fees have to be paid before Palm Coast issues the permit, it makes sense for Epic to wait until they are actually ready to start construction. By the way, the permit and impact fees total $234,595, exclusive of water and sewer connect charges. I’d wait too. Wouldn’t you?
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  1. Charles Kane
    Charles Kane says:

    Epic Theater

    Epic’s story of waiting till after November to start construction rings hallow! The News Tribune published in 2007 that the theater has started construction in July of that year and would be finished by year end. They never said "year end 2009."

    Recently an Epic official told the manager of the Regal in Ormond Beach that "ground has been broken and a manager hired." Why?

    Palm Coast would be far better off with a reliable theater chain Like Regal or AMC, especially now that our current "cinema" has apparently closed.

    I am sorry, I can can’t belive anything Epic says.

  2. JW
    JW says:

    Theatre delay

    What, business plans can’t change in the course of a year? I’m sure when Epic was intervied last year, they had intended to begin construction, but things happen…delays in permiting, etc. It was pushed back so much until it’s not financially feasable to build right now. I personally would rather have a Rave Theatre in town, but as long as it’s not Regal, Carmike and the like, that’s fine. They’re just too expensive.

  3. bb
    bb says:

    That’s a great many movies

    I haven’t been to the movies in a while, but last I remember, it was around $7 per ticket. That’s 33,513.5 movie tickets to cover just the impact fees and permit fees, no construction, no land cost, no operating costs.

    No wonder they are waiting…

  4. Harriet Kohen
    Harriet Kohen says:

    Epic Movie Theater

    Since I just purchased a home in Palm Coast I thought the movie complex deserves some public support. Let’s let Epic know how important it is to GET THIS PROJECT DONE!!!!

  5. Gina M
    Gina M says:

    Palm Coast Movie Theater

    Yes I agree with Hariet…we are so excited that we will have our own movie theater here in Palm Coast…I just hope the bring it soon, we are tired of driving all the way to Ormond…so thanks Epic..please bring it soon!!

  6. John Yetter
    John Yetter says:

    Let’s give the builders some slack

    No wonder no one wants to build business in Palm Coast. The fees and impact fees are totally discouraging. We moved here based on the new towne center and 4 1/2 years later we are still waiting. Let’s lighten up on the folks who want to bring jobs and conveniences into this community.

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