Discount Tire Store Construction Halted. Not Going Forward

S.E. Cline Construction has been contracted to remove all building materials and return the parcel to its pre-construction condition.

Palm Coast, FL – February 4, 2014 – The Discount Tire Store under construction on SR 100 next to Panera Bread will not be completed. The real estate department of the tire retailer has reportedly decided to not go forward with a store at that site. S.E. Cline Construction has been hired to remove any building materials and restore the parcel to its pre-construction condition. The sudden change in plans caught many by surprise.

A building permit for the 7,611 square foot store was issued October 23, 2013 with a stated value of $950,000. Construction was suspended around Christmas time. The permit has been cancelled. The parcel was purchased by Halle Properties LLC, of Scottsdale , AZ, in December 2012 for $825,000.

A proposal to build a Discount Tire store on the present location of Zaxby's and Carrabba's was approved by the Planning & Land Development Regulation Board (PLDRB) in 2008, but that approval was overturned by the City Council at that time. understands that the current decision was not related to any past or current actions by the City of Palm Coast.

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  1. rhweir
    rhweir says:


    Sorry to see them quit the project. Perhaps they checked their demographics. This is why we won’t see a Whole Foods, Trader Joes or any upscale restaurants in this area. Palm Coast is what it is now and until we get an influx of some residents or tourists with some disposable income, it will remain this way. We need folks with money to come here.

  2. Ted Lesher
    Ted Lesher says:

    Watching Tires be Mounted

    Great News. The town should never have approved that site for a tire store to begin with. When I learned about it I pictured myself having soup and a sandwich at Panera and watching and listening to tires being changed next door. Uggh.

  3. Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez says:

    construction halted

    I cannot believe we have not been informed of the reason for stopping the project. Someone has to know and they should inform the public. Palm harbor shopping center has a list of stores and shops that will not be part of their project, why can’t city hall do the same with the town center area. The Hotel and eateries in the area are beginning to take shape and are appealing, lets not let it become like other typical highway looking strip centers.

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