City of Palm Coast Settles Ryans Landing Dispute with SeaGate Homes

In March ’07, the city tried to extort free park equipment in return for a development approval. The developer sued and seems to have won according to the settlement agreement.

Palm Coast – January 26, 2009SeaGate Homes, Palm Coast’s largest home grown real estate builder/developer has prevailed in its battle with the City of Palm Coast, FL. A settlement agreement indicates that the city overstepped its authority when it denied SeaGate’s original plans for Ryan’s Landing, a 27.8-acre residential community near Rymfire Drive (aerial map).
Nearly two years ago, Palm Coast City Council turned down a development plan proposed by SeaGate Homes. The reason; SeaGate refused to pay $90,000 for park equipment for a 5-acre park on the site, a last minute demand by the city. Read "SeaGate Loses Bid…" SeaGate had already agreed to donate land (worth between $250,000 and $500,000) for the park, but that was apparently not enough. Having spent tens of thousands preparing their proposal with assurances along the way that it would be approved, SeaGate felt blindsided. Rather than submit to city bullying, SeaGate sued. Based on the settlement agreement disclosed at a recent Planning and Land Development Regulation Board (PLDRB) meeting, it appears that the city lost.
Under the settlement, SeaGate will still provide the land for the park, but will not have to donate $90,000 for equipment. (Click here to view agreement). I’ve highlighted the text which demonstrates the city concessions. Both SeaGate and the city agree to work toward Green Certification for both Ryan’s Landing and for the new city park.
The measure, along with the required FLUM amendment and PUD were approved unanimously by the PLDRB. The measure now moves to the city council where a prompt and courteous approval is anticipated.
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  1. Dan Bozza
    Dan Bozza says:


    Sincere congratulations to SeaGate Homes for persevering and winning this greedy grab for more dispute.

    Every once in awhile government forgets that it exists to serve the needs of the people, including reputable companies that have made major contributions to the growth of the community not only in the product and service they offer but in the set asides they provide to build a community and not "just" a bunch of houses.

    Once again, congratulations!!

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