Candidates for City Council Respond to Questions

Chamber of Commerce, Board of Realtors, and Home Builders Association pose questions. Here are the answers.

September 6, 2007 – Palm Coast, Florida –

The Flagler Home Builders Association in a partnership with the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce and the Flagler County Association of REALTORS invited all the candidates vying for office in Palm Coast to be interviewed.

Victor Good, mayoral candidate, Thomas Jones of District 1, Ellen Tozzi of District 2 did not respond to correspondence.

Each candidate was asked a question, then had three minutes to prepare and respond. All interviews were audio taped and transcribed by the Chamber of Commerce Staff. The verbatim responses are included in this document. The following questions were asked:

1. If you had to prioritize the issues facing Palm Coast, what would be your top three issues and suggested solutions, and how do you plan on funding these issues in light of the forthcoming tax cuts?

2. Although the legislature mandated a tax cut, upward pressures continue on the costs of providing services to Palm Coast residents. At the same time, we observe a low point in the cycle of new homes being built in the area. As a member of City Council/Mayor, what more sustainable revenue source alternatives to impact fees would you propose to help fund our city?

3. Do you agree that economic development is important to Palm Coast, and if so why? If elected/re-elected what would you do to further promote economic growth?

4. Write your own headline using 10 words or less.

The responses can be found here.

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