ABC Liquor Store Opens in Palm Coast

Residents first wondered why the city allowed the building. More recently, people were wondering when it would open.

ABC Liquor Store in Palm Coast, FL - by GoToby,comPalm Coast, FL – November 20, 2010 – I’ve gotten a lot of calls and emails about Palm Coast’s new ABC Liquor Store at the northeast corner of Palm Coast Pkwy and Old Kings Rd. When the city approved a site plan and issued a building permit for the store, residents were irate. I heard, "Why would the city allow a liquor store on a corner of our gateway intersection?" My reminder that two of the intersection’s four corners had for years been occupied by a McDonalds and a Wendy’s fell on deaf ears.
As the ABC building took shape, residents were shocked to see how close to the road the building was going to be. Add that construction used "green" building standards which sheathed the shell in white insulating foam panels for weeks before the stucco layer was applied, prompting comments about "the great white wall."
The corner lot has been problematic for development for years. Because of its location on a high traffic corner, vehicle access could not be allowed from either street. The only vehicle access is from the Palm Harbor Shopping Center. That means that any building has to face inward toward the plaza, the only direction in which parking could be accommodated.
ABC Liquor Store in Palm Coast FL - back view - from GoToby.comAs the architectural features, stucco, and paint were applied, the number of negative comments began to die down, finally coming to a stop when the landscaping went in. When people noticed that the dreaded sign was on the east side of the building, rather than facing the intersection, comments took a dramatic turn. For the past two weeks, the only question I’ve had to field is, "When will it be open?" Well it’s open now.
The new CVS Pharmacy is under construction at the southeast corner of the same "gateway" intersection. It replaces the iconic Blue Roof real estate sales center, nestled behind great oak trees that welcomed visitors to Palm Coast for years. This development too prompted lots of hand wringing among residents. But CVS did not cut the oak trees. The building is set back as far as possible from the intersection.
CVS Pharmacy - Palm Coast, FL - under construction - from GoToby.comThe CVS is still in its "ugly" stage of construction. Let’s wait until the architectural features; roof, stucco, paint, and landscaping are done before we pass final judgment. I suspect that it too will look better than the McDonalds and Wendy’s across the street.

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  1. George Meegan
    George Meegan says:


    The location of CVS is not going to get the foot traffic it got next to the Publix, that’s forsure. But now we have a reason to get a senior coffee at Mc Donalds and then pick up the meds.
    They did a massive amount of storm drainage work to allow the building to be located back on the lot. It’s going to be hard to see it, but since they are home to many customers they should do well.

    The ABC store is for those that drink, a minority in the senior group. The building looks like you just entered into a city that was built around it.

    It would have been better suited as a park with seating and statues, perhaps a gazebo. But the city was to busy buying golf courses and let the gates to Palm Harbor go to the highest bidder. I’m glad you realy can’t tell what it is at a glance, other than an oversized to close to the road eyesore.

  2. Pete McKinley
    Pete McKinley says:

    Jobs are welcomed

    Go ABC!!! We need all teh jobs we can get in this area. I for one say lets make it easy for new business to open their doors in our area. Pete McKinley

  3. Marie Jones
    Marie Jones says:

    Negativity the Norm

    Why is it that the majority of Palm Coast residents start criticizing the designers intent before they have seen the final building? I wonder what the Sistine Chapel looked like while Michaelango was part way through painting it? Let’s all try to be more positive and try to support those who are left that are trying to help the local economy and provide much needed jobs!

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