Florida Real Estate News for Palm Coast and Flagler County Florida
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Sales of Palm Coast and Flagler County building lots as reported to the Flagler County Board of Realtors® and in public records. The sales price is not available until the transaction closes. The sales contract (price agreement) predates the closing date, usually by 45 - 60 days. Therefore there is a lag between the sale date and the data represented here.
Palm Coast and Flagler County Building Lot Sales

       Address   Price Frontage
308 7th Street $40,000 None
105 Aspen Way 20,000 Golf Course
201 Aspen Way 21,900 Golf course, Lake
229X Central Avenue 80,000 None
38 Cinnamon Beach Way 55,000 Lake
1804 Daytona Ave 46,000 None
5 Edge Lane 20,000 None
8 Eight Iron Place 29,000 None
56 Evans Drive 25,000 None
12 Fitzgerald Lane 22,000 None
190 Frontier Drive 15,000 None
42 Heron Drive 20,000 Lake
50 Heron Drive 40,000 Lake
155 Heron Drive 21,500 None
156 Heron Drive 35,000 Lake
2 Lagare Street 59,000 Golf course
2526 Lakeshore Drive 100,000 Salt Water Basin
57 Lamancha Drive 10,000 None
627 Mahogany Run 14,000 Lake
35 Northshore Avenue 65,000 Golf,  Lake, Ocean view
2989 Painters Walk 59,000 Ocean View
2 Ponce De Leon Dr 5,000 None
590 Shearwood Drive 30,000 Marsh
448 Sweetgum Lane 20,000 Golf Course
20 Village Pkwy N 27,000 None
78 Whittington Drive 9,500 Fresh water canal
191 Willow Oak Way 65,000 Preserved Area
7 Wills Place 11,000 None
272 Yacht Harbor Drive 94,000 Intracoastal Watereway


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