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September 2011

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Residential Building Permits Issued

Values listed are for construction only and do not include the value of the land. Values are used for permit fee assessments. They are derived from the size, type, and components of the project and do not necessarily reflect the true cost of construction. Square footage refers to area "under air."  


    Builder     Address  Sq Ft    Value
Intervest Construction (ICI) 21 Blue Oak Lane 2,401 $265,004
Ideal Homes of Palm Coast 5 Fairhill Lane 2,370 180,000
Keystone Homes 37 Northshore Avenue 2,278 470,000
Stajo Construction 366 Ocean Crest Dr 5,283 946,968
Seamans Construction 6546 Old A1A 2,262 170,000
Florida Green Homes 62 Sloganeer Trail 2,335 237,260
Oceanside Homes 24 Blue Heron Ln 2,854 358,000
Habitat for Humanitry 9 sergeant Ct 1,466 80,000
Stajo Construction 21 Las Palmas Pkwy 3,453 467,278
Gold Coast Homes 8 Laurel Dr 1,865 128,000
Saltwater Homes 33 Ocean Street 1,993 184,900
Stajo Construction 17 hammock Beach Pkwy 3,599 506,291
Olsen Custom Homes 7 Turkey Oak Lane 2,449 283,480
Donald Anderson, owner 44 Lynebrook Drive 1,810 175,000
Vanacore  Construction 18 Edith Lane 2,641 140,000
Charles Rinek Construction 65 Flagler Drive 2,633 334,400

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